Latoja Body Slimming Cream (150ml)

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1.Burn excessive body fat.
2.Repair up to 99% of damaged cell underneath the skin.
3.Discharged fat through microcirculation inside the body.
4.Stretch mark will eventually fade away , repair cellulite skin problem entirely.
5.Obviously improve the appearance of obesity pattern.
6.Promoted blood circulation .
7.Prevent the skin sagging after weight loss Can slim down arm, leg, and belly area.
8.Can help women carminative during confinement period
9.Suitable to be used as traditional massage cream: Reduce backache, rheumatism and muscle pain.
10.Enhance detox effect and solve constipation problem .
11.Help to improve gastrointestinal motility and protect the intestine health .
12.Suitable for both men and women , the best choice of a body slimming product in market .


1.After the bath to relax the muscles, first under random massage
2.You need to cast in thin ยท need to apply our products locally, rub massage for about 10 minutes, then wrapped in plastic wrap.
3.After the plastic wrap to wait 40-60 minutes, remove already absorbed clean, disposable, the effect can be sustained consistency.


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