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Real Stock Item

Welcome to onlife stores, we will non-stop uploading more practical and interesting items,Hope you can find out your favorite items. For the Real Stock products will send out 3-7 working days.

Oversea Item

In ours stores also have Oversea item for sale. For the Oversea item may take a long time for delivery. Nomarlly it will take between 2 to 4 weeks working day for the delivery, and we will Separately to send out Real Stock & Oversea items.

Order Taobao

We also provided service to order product from taobao(淘宝), is very easy and fast. And we charge lower processing and service fee. All the product will delivery your house between 2 to 4 weeks working days.

DIY Product

We provide DIY service, you can printing the photo, logo, word or anything design on the T-shirt, mug, pillow, phone casing, bowl and cap. And good news for you, we now accept a single item order for DIY Product, any question please contact our customer service to get more infomation.

Printing Product

We also provide printing service like name card, paper bag and poster. If any question please email our customer service : info@onlifestores.com

Enter Printing Service

Note : Onlife stores have provide the Real Stock, Oversea item and helping order form taobao, Hope you can enjoy shop at here. Thank You!
Please read ourTerm & Condition to understanding ours service


Note : Shop with easily and happily, We are happy to serve you. Thank You!


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3 Make Payment

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Shipping out

How to DIY

Note : After you fill up your details and uploaded your design, our admin will reply you to confirm your design and make the payment. After payment you will get your product within 3 to 7 working days for delivery

How To Order Taobao ?

We have provide the service to helping you order products from taobao.com. Just few steps you need to do. Please click the "I Want to Order TaoBao", enter the order page and fill up the order form. After 1 or 2 days working days, ours admin will update your order. After your order confirm then you just make the payment. Note : You may get your order form taobao within 2 to 4 Working Weeks

How To Pay ?

Direct Bank Transfer:

  • a) Bank Account : Carmen Tan Geia Meen - CIMB
  • b) Account Number : 7613864420
*note : If you are using "Direct Bank Transfer" payment method, you need to send the payment slip by here. Upload payment slip

How We Charge ?

What we charge you? We didn't make any extra charge for your order product. We just charging you RM 5.00 for the service charge per bill.

Calculation Product Price?

So, How we calculate your order total price? You just need to addon everything. For example:

Service charge (RM 5) +
Product Total price +
Delivery fee (From China to Malaysia) +
Delivery fee (Delivered to your home) Note : Please read the Term and condition for the details

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